Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Bean n' Potatoes

A cup of coffee and kiss to the Ole Man as he heads off to work. Another day has begun.
The kids are up shortly after when I realized...not much milk in the jug. Oh, no need to fret; it's sorta' like that saying " All things work to the good of them that love the Lord" and they most certainly do.
Pull out the mixing bowl and heat up the stove; what's good for the stomach is good for the soul.
There was nothing but smiles and almost a little spring the step as
the kids trotted off to catch the bus.
It's time to do a little cleaning and wash a load of clothes and also do a little blogging around.
I should be at work, too but I've spent more time laid-off this year than at work. 
I make a virtual visit at my sister's place
Oh, great!  I get to hop around. 

Summers Acres: The HomeAcre Hop

I really do enjoy all these posts. 
There was one post in particular that really caught my attention and
 I thought it to be well worth the reading, The Olden Days: Potatoes.

The story got me thinking about a comment that the Ole Man made at me that kind pissed me off and it also got me thinking about a particular summer growing up when times got quite hard. There's no doubt when it comes to suppertime I cook a lot of potatoes.  I really love 'em!
 Rice is good but it ain't no potato. 
But...I guess the Ole Man had eaten all the potatoes he could stand for a while when he puffed at the plate and said," Awe you ain't nothing but beans and potatoes!" I'll be honest in saying I took what he said to heart... just like a knife. As a matter of fact, there's been a lack of potato eating in this house since the statement was made. 
I have somewhat forgave him for the statement but he on the most part has to ask me specifically for a potato these days...
 by the way he has wanted for potatoes on quite a few occasions...
 I have cooked them.
(usually as I cuss him a little under my breathe..that's not very Christian is it?) 

I have did some considerable praying about that matter. As I've prayed about the matter, I also excepted that it was a true statement. Especially when I recall the particular summer growing up, when my Daddy blowed the motor in his truck. 
My daddy is an owner/operator truck driver. Thank the Lord! He and Mama always planted a garden. Grandma Dorothy, Papa Louis, Daddy and Mama planted a huge bottom field  full of potatoes that year and boy did the potatoes come in that year. When much of what we had had been gone through that year we still had potatoes. 
We ate them boil, fried, and baked. 
We ate them everyday; several times a day and they were good.

I'll tell you a potato is a real good thing; some beans on the side makes them that much better. As for those people who say potatoes are not good for ya...well I don't think they know what they are taking about.
Taters is good for the body & for the soul!


  1. Hi Lynn,

    Potatoes are my husband's number one choice for a side, french fries are his favourite and then baked with lemon, rosemary, oregano and garlic, in a splash of olive oil! Delectable!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Thanksgiving next week!


  2. Not a thang wrong with beans n taters! They are still one of my favorite meals.

    Love ya!

    1. I really didn't mean to totally bash the ole man but the post on potatoes got me on a roll. I also have heard a bunch of people on a band wagon against eating potatoes but I don't think they know a tater from a