Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bringing Down the Pines~Again

The view from my back door.

We're still bringing down our monstrous pine trees. This is is the fourth time our tree guy has came out and preformed a cutting for us. We have had so many and to keep the cost down and a handle on the clean up we've having a few cut at the time. 
The whole family, at least the ones still living at home
 have had the joys of joining in on the fun. I would be fibbing if I wasn't beginning to be quite depressed at looking at our mess. 
There's still no doubt in my mind the trees had to come down. They were apt to come down on their own which would have been a detrimental thing.
I'm positive they added to the complexities of trying to grow anything on our property.
The trees where seriously taking every bit of nutrients from the soil. So I tell myself ," Better things will surely come in the way of gardening." Of course, I had finally trained myself to search out those shade lovers for the back yard; it will remain to be seen what will come of anything there as well.

The Ole' Man (husband) keeps saying uplifting things about the situation. I think the look on my face is giving me away even though I haven't been offering up complaints. What he envisions happening around the yard and what I wish for often do not match. What can I say about marital bliss?

I have looked at quite a few nursery sites and of course at the local home and garden store but it is way to soon to think of any of that. 
Those little quotes that people say keep floating around. 
You know phrases like:
"You'll have a blank canvas. You can do whatever you want."
In reality what we have is a big dirty canvas.

Well...that's my update and rant on our pine tree situation.

I do appreciate your visit. 
My wish for you is to 


  1. We had a lot of pines & other trees removed off our property from last December through October of this year. I for one am glad they are all gone. Pine trees have such a poor root system and with them so close to the house then it always made me feel a bit on edge whenever a storm pushed into our area. Happy WW!

    1. That is our same situation. Ours had been there so long and had gotten so big. Thanks for the visit on this Wednesday.

  2. Those are some massive pines! It would make me sad I think to have to cut them down. I like your short bio up top - I totally relate since I think I live on coffee and iced tea and am forever forgetting socks or shoes! I had to laugh.

    1. It sound like we might have some good things in common. My husband will laugh at me even in the winter most the time I might have a jacket but I'll still be sporting my flip-flops. It has made me sad to but they were just too big. I hope you have a very nice Wednesday.