Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Long Range Forecast

I had thought to refrain from Link-ups of a while but as I was listening to WHEO our local AM radio station(1270). They were doing their call in section called Community Conversations when John a regular caller called in with a giggle and said he had the way to tell what your weather will be all year.

Richard said, "Okay, tell us."

John said,"You record the weather for the first 12 days of the year. Then each day should be a reflection of the overall weather for each month; the first day would be January and the second day would be February." 

I thought it sounded fun and wondered how accurate it would be and first thought I would make a post and keep up with it through the year. Then I thought it might be fun for others to join in as well.
I may be the only sort that find fun in such things.

I have set up a little link-up.
Feel free to link-up!

I'm going to chime in January 1-12 and then the last day of each month.
At the end of the year maybe I'll drink a warm cup of cider
have a chuckle or maybe I'll be surprised.

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  1. This is a neat experiment. I wish I'd read this first of the month. Thanks for sharing with us at The HomeAcre Hop!

    Please join us again Thursday at:


    1. It may be a sign of a persons age when they are consumed with the weather..and AM radio..