Tuesday, December 3, 2013

22 days

Oh my..my Christmas Countdown is getting confusing.
Yesterday, I started my countdown at 23 days,
just now I heard the announcer on the radio say,
"It's 22 days until Christmas.
I  have gone to the calendar and counted.

Note..I was a blonde child.

Well... getting my Christmas on.....
1. I've been getting my funky junk style on the move.
one old chippy board
one old window sheer
Yes..an old wheel

Add some greenery , 
old chipped ornaments


2. Make a couple of wreathes from ground cedar.

The above link will take you to an old post about finding 
ground cedar & making wreathes.

3. I went through the old junk drawer to find some old canning rings and lids.

I had some that I was looking for the rusty ones I had painted.

I poured some  liguid potpourri into a small glass candle holder,
wrapped some cedar around those
added a small pine cone to carry the fragrance.

I snugged those all around the house.

4. I found an old broke lantern behind the building; 
 You know it..just keep adding...add a little more.

Putting some red berries
a pine cone.

5. Last but not least, I snugged  primitive Santa on the steps.

That's it! 
I'm done for this day.
Where's my cup of coffee!



  1. Oh, Miss Lynn, I do love all of your "funky junk style" decorating ideas! You have inspired me to go out to the garage (mercy!) and look at all my "junk" with new eyes...funky junk style! :)

    Love, Joy

    1. You should do it! You know I wasn't sure if the Ole Man was going to go for this or not. I mean it is a wheel but I wasn't sure. The only concerns about anything was would our dinner plates fit on the table..lol.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. I have some mason jar lids and mason jars. I could totally do the potpourri thing.
    Except, my cat would probably drink it. sigh....

    1. LOL..I can see that happening. Rosco(dog) doesn't get that high...he's still into leftover candy corn..like a psycho..