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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Putting Up Scarecrow Fred

I could barely wait for Jack to get home from school 
so we could get Fred, our scarecrow put out.

I thought we would have gotten him together over the weekend but rainy weather put a damper on most things this weekend. I must seem to be running behind the rest of the world when it comes to decorating but it is typical for us to get in the real feel of Autumn and Halloween about a week before and then we tend to roll with that until Thanksgiving.(I hate to be rushed through my holidays)
We're also more geared toward a harvesting theme over the Ghouls & Ghost
We'll be throwing in a little spookiness for our annual Monster Mash party that my sister helps me put on for our little band of  monster(kids).

This is how we started out with Fred.
A pair of my worn out bibs and button up shirt will serve as our scarecrows body.
Jack kept asking if he was going to be a boy or a girl.
Last year Fred should have been Fredricka due to the hat we chose but I told him it would surely be a boy.

I initially thought to get some burlap for the head but apparently the price of burlap is on the rise in Patrick County so we went with 
this cheaper cotton.
This isn't a very clear picture but I basically made a sack.
Folding it in have sewed the seams on both sides 
and then
I base stitched about 3 inches from each side seam allowing us to stuff the head and then draw it up.
We just used some old pieces of planks we had laying around nailed together for a frame.
We had already decided we were going to set him in an old chair we found in the edge of the woods so we went with shorter boards;
if you plan to stand him up longer boards would most likely work better.

Now your ready....
Stuff, stuff and keep stuffing.
We used some straw.
We sat him in his chair and put on his hat.
Once I gather some pumpkins around him I'm sure 
Fred will be very pleased.
Thanks for stopping by.
Be a Blessing!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple Dumpling Festival

Here you go!
Stuart, Virginia's Annual
Apple Dumpling Festival
Great turn out!
Lots of Artisans!

Yum, yum
Local grown apple
                                               The guest of honor..Apple Dumplings

How 'bout Homemade ice cream atop those dumplings?

Music at the amphitheatre
C.C. Coates Band
Am I in the warm sun in the middle of the day?
Some dimly lit corner?
Great Blues Band!
What a way to enjoy an autumn day? This is just one of a few festivals that Stuart puts on but it definitely is a favorite. Nothing screams the turning leaves and the brisk air like the Apple Dumpling Festival. As you can see folks turned out from all over. Definitely a stopping point for many traveler. This little town is at the foot of the Blue Ridge Parkway and makes a wonderful place to stop on your next leaf watching adventure. I thank you for letting me share my day with you and thank you for stopping by 
Southern Direction.

Be blessed.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scarecrow Saturday

Yes, We've finally got our ole friend out for the season. This has been our project for today.
Here's what we started with.
My old bibs, flannel shirt, and my hat I thought
I had to have but have never worn.
Okay....Let's wear it.
I'm terribly cheap and hate to waste money if I have something
that can work but I did purchase some burlap for the head.
Last year we used an ole panty hose for the head.
I think the burlap will work a little better.
We tied knots in the legs of the pants and arm of the shirt.
We've decided to stuff it with pine cones. I know that sounds
a little crazy but last year we stuffed with straw and when it
rained everything was really slouchy. This time we'll be stiff
and sticky.
We also just safety pinned most of everything together. We thought he'd
be on a stick but it didn't work out so we used a cinder block and set him
on a stump.
All in all, we liked the way he turned out. Jack parked his John Deere
wagon with some corn stalks and a pumpkin next to him. Now the only
thing to figure out is what's his name. Jack wanted him to be called
Jack. Alisha wanted her to be called Becky. I keep calling him Fred
since that was his name last year.
Fred was a little on the skinny side.
He's put on a little weight this year.
Jud don't know what to think.
There you go, one more do-it yourself,
go by the seat of your pants
Saturday Scarecrow Project.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Creek Vineyard

What beauty surrounds this hidden treasure. Autumn Creek Vineyard is nestled in between woodland and tobacco farms. I'm becoming surprised at the vineyards that are popping up all through our region. It's a wonderful transformation with big tobacco on the way out, the grapevines are glad to fill that void.

We're getting ready to check out the tasting room. We're already hearing some fairly laid back music.That's the best way I would describe our experience, comfort and class.

Beautiful wood, huge stone fireplace, soft leather furniture, picture window, and absolutely, good wine, surely that's enough to get your attention. Even the ladies room is above expectation, not only is it supplied with fancy soaps, lotion, an apple crate full of toilet tissue, they even thought to have complementary hairspray. I'm impressed!We chose a $9.00 tasting that was waived after we purchased a bottle.                               I'm not sure that is policy but it was a nice complement.
There is a wedding schedule today around 5:00. We're going to enjoy ourselves quietly and be on our way. The decorations and setting will definitely be a note for me and my sis considering we both have children that might be nearing wonderful bliss.
I think the girls in the wedding party are gathering under the umbrellas.
We decided to take a walk about.
Did I say..blessed?!
There's more places to sit and sip.
Here comes a beautiful, young girl in a white wedding dress and cowgirl boots.
She's not nearly a redneck but I think we'll take one good
and get out of here.
I've been blessed.
Here's a link.
I hope you are blessed too.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Wreath Redo

Well, it's time to get some autumn decorating going on. I am being a bit sluggish when it comes to much of anything concerning decorating around the house. Usually I get excited but I've taken a melancholy mood about it since I went to the basement to bring up some things that were put away. My home is older and the basement is basically hand dug. Some concrete is poured on one side of a petitioned area but if we get much  rain, we get a wet basement. We even keep a pump down there for the real down pours and we have really had our share of down pours. Anything that is important at all has to be put up onto shelves. 
I bet you can tell where this is going...
Some person decided to through my decorations in the back corner of the floor to make room for their things. All my stuff was molded and ruined. I didn't have a fit but I really wanted too.
I've been trying to work on the fit taken
but Ooh... is it been hard lately......
My wreathes we're ruined too. So, I made these up today, I used the old wreathes on the door and just added  some of my hydrangea that was starting to dry out. I do love the colors that these flowers take on when they start drying. I put a antique white ribbon on this one. The other two I just used the flowers with no ribbon.
You can see I use the same Christmas tree hangers all year long.
My wreathes are often times not perfectly round. I think it makes them have a more natural feel.
I use things that are around me when decorating. When you use what is yours and what is around you to decorate it will automatically be and extension of yourself.

I hope you can look around your yard or your garden and find items to inspire you too.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a very blessed day.