Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Wreath Redo

Well, it's time to get some autumn decorating going on. I am being a bit sluggish when it comes to much of anything concerning decorating around the house. Usually I get excited but I've taken a melancholy mood about it since I went to the basement to bring up some things that were put away. My home is older and the basement is basically hand dug. Some concrete is poured on one side of a petitioned area but if we get much  rain, we get a wet basement. We even keep a pump down there for the real down pours and we have really had our share of down pours. Anything that is important at all has to be put up onto shelves. 
I bet you can tell where this is going...
Some person decided to through my decorations in the back corner of the floor to make room for their things. All my stuff was molded and ruined. I didn't have a fit but I really wanted too.
I've been trying to work on the fit taken
but Ooh... is it been hard lately......
My wreathes we're ruined too. So, I made these up today, I used the old wreathes on the door and just added  some of my hydrangea that was starting to dry out. I do love the colors that these flowers take on when they start drying. I put a antique white ribbon on this one. The other two I just used the flowers with no ribbon.
You can see I use the same Christmas tree hangers all year long.
My wreathes are often times not perfectly round. I think it makes them have a more natural feel.
I use things that are around me when decorating. When you use what is yours and what is around you to decorate it will automatically be and extension of yourself.

I hope you can look around your yard or your garden and find items to inspire you too.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a very blessed day.

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