Monday, October 22, 2012

Magnificent Monday!

My kids minus one
Rowdy, rowdy rowdy!!
Birthday Cake for Birthday Girl
How bad am I?? I think Monday has become my favorite day of the week. My work week doesn't begin until tonight and the rest of the family are in school or at work, leaving me the house to myself. I crank up the local AM station ( WHEO 1270) ; Monday is big band. I do some laundry and chores and get caught up on my blog.
I enjoyed a wonderfully packed weekend. Saturday was the Apple Dumpling Festival and Sunday we had family over for some birthday fun. 
I never been one for the big themed birthdays. I usually have my Mama and Daddy, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces, and some close friends and the fun's on. I give the kids the chose of what cake they want for their birthday. Tori wanted the new favorite, pecan coconut cake. This has become the go to cake.
I've taken it as a bundt cake to family event, and school bake sales. Sometimes it's iced; sometimes it's glazed ; maybe no icing at all but everybody loves this cake. When the kids we're small I've asked them if they would prefer a cake from the bakery but they want mine. So that's what I go with. 
Birthdays are like holidays for me. They are extremely special but I don't prefer an over abundance of hoopla. It's about family, food and togetherness. If you're loosing your enjoyment for special occasions maybe it's just that you have too much hoopla.
Many blessing!
I'm lookin' for a wonderful week, I hope you are too.

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