Thursday, October 4, 2012

Youthful America

Are you excited with the new election up and coming? 
Are you doing alot of worrying over what's going on in our government?
In our country?

It is so easy to let the negatives drowned the positives. I'm not making a ranting post of what I want out of my government or my candidates and I'm not really asking for your rants. I do welcome your views. If you'd like to share them feel
to send them to me.
That FREE part is the best part. I know we have problems with illegal immigration but you ought to have strong since of pride when so many risk their life just to be on our soil. 

I do wish that every child could begin their day with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. So did you pray with your child this morning and did you say the pledge with them. You are still free to do so.

The homeless and the hungry break my heart and we do have a problem with so many losing their homes. If  fate should leave me abandoned of home I would still prefer our street over any others.

It's scary at the way our countries youth are the prey for drugs, sex and violence but they are not all lost. As a matter of fact I see more evidence in youth these days than I do in alot of us old folks that freedom is still rings. Need some evidence check out this link

Are you worried about terror attacks and our very homes being invaded? Oh yes. Me too. 
What if we decided to talk to our neighbors again? What if instead of arguing over things of nonsense we offered up some true respect for each other. What if we cared about the ones who live right next door to us? What if they needed bread would you break yours with them?

What is America to me?
simply said...
Faith in God,
 freedom from oppression.
p.s. freedom or oppression resides in the soul.

Be Blessed!

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