Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Mornin' Monday

Good Monday morning to all of you. After last weeks 80 degree weather the 40 degree's this morning will get ya moving a little quicker or maybe wish you could curl in the covers just a little longer. Word from on the mountain is that they had alittle light dust of snow and also some spits of ice. Ooh ..glad I'm here at the foot of the mountain.

The weekend came and went in a hurry around here. Jack played his last flag football game of the season, Alisha had a band competition and Tori starred in the One Act Plays. I had intention of getting up to Mabry Mill and getting some pics of the beautiful foliage but it's just been to hectic around here. By looking at the trees right here I don't think there's many leaves left. Once the leaves had started turning they we're already fallen.

 Halloween this Wednesday and then on to Thanksgiving. I've been reminded by a fellow blogger that Christmas is only a very few weeks away. Very For all you well planned folks out there I do commend you but it ain't me. Some of that is because I won't put up any decorations or movement towards Christmas until after Thanksgiving. We must be thankful first! After working in big box retail for almost twelve years and it's made me  a little cynical over the commercialized chaos that usually surrounds Christmas.

For me I look forward to the family gatherings, homemade wreaths, smells of cinnamon and pine and the Christmas pageants. Maybe we'll have a little snow this winter season.

                         With all that being said, here are a few pics from the weekend.
                                                         Thanks for stopping by

Jack painting his pumpkin at the Fall Festival

Tori as Arlecchino
The False Turk
My football player

The best football to watch
the Band doin' alittle practice before loading the bus

as always


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  1. Sunday on the way home from Mama's I saw three houses already decorated for Christmas with the lights on and all! I love Christmas! And I do love the decorations and lights, but first I refuse to start celebrating a holiday before the current one is completed. And I think we could all benefit from a little more gratitude on any given day, but especially before entering the Christmas season. And of course lastly, it is about Jesus and what a precious gift he was. We give in honor and remembrance of this. It shouldn't be about the "getting".