Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wonderfully Directed

Isn't God's direction wonderful?
Isn't it wonderful to be directed by the one who holds the map?

I get the funnies looks from some of my family and friend when I mention that I have a blog of my own. To be honest most the time I have to explain what a blog even is. Oh yeah, that's how it is around. Up until about a year ago I was the person being dragged in the modern world, specifically technology. Also by nature I'm somewhat of a shy person, as least when it came to sharing my true feelings and thoughts. I had out grown be so shy that I could hardly speak but I really wasn't willing to share myself; unless you were very close to me.
What happened with me was that I was really quite lonely....
I was lonely but at the same time, almost consumed by my children, my job, my husband and so on and 
so on...
Everything was suffering.
I had been raised in church and I still believed in Jesus but I was sorta' like a boat that had drifted away from the riverbank. I remember driving to work on New Years Eve (2011) when I passed a sign at a church that read, "I resolve to know God better" and I said to myself, "me too." I remember repeating that resolution to a friend at work and saying that was the only resolution worth making. 
Well to be quite honest, God was listening.
I made my resolution to read my Bible daily and I did. This was not something new to me but one of those things I let get pushed around in my life until it was completely pushed away. 
by and by..
My family had developed some crazy situations; my job had turn phsyco and I thought I was losing my mind.
then I kept have  this verse coming at me in many, many direction.
Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God......
So I began to pray about this scripture and pray that I was doing what God wanted me to do and not just what I wanted to do. With all that being said I quit my job last October. This was a hard for me because I have always worked. Most importantly I have always needed to work; has required it to make ends meet. I was convinced that I must at least temporarily  devote myself back to my home.
Once I Put away my fear and put on FAITH my life started falling back into place.
Oh, has God blessed me!!
Through a very funny little winding path I have been lead to the community of bloggers. What I have learned is that I'm not at all alone; I'm not even alone in my belief . I'm so refreshed when I meet some new person that shares belief in God also.
Where is God leading me next? 
I don't know.
I do know He knows the direction and He holds the map.
I'm not sure what has pressed me so hard to share all this with you today. It's sorta like a 
Wednesday witness. 
I hope you've gotten something out of all this rambling I've done here.
Thanks for stopping by Southern Direction.
Be blessed!

p.s. Fear is the opposite of Faith.

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