Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Either Pin 'em Up or Pin' em Out

Here I go again...
I must get something established in this muddy patch.
This will be at least the fifth or sixth time I've planted the shading bed.
All my attempts have remained failures mostly do to pets. 
I have come to understand that this piece of dirt is irresistible to dogs
but now I know it is also irresistible to chickens too.
It's not a very attractive spot but I can't bring it in me to spend money on  this anymore.
So..I found some rocks from around and used the old chicken wire and tobacco sticks as 
temporary fence.
OMG!! They have heard my pecking and here they come a runnin.'
They are so afraid of missing out on something.
These girls don't eat everything I plant but if they find something they like
they will keep at it until there is nothing left.
Wishing you all the best on you gardening endeavors!


  1. I had never thought of chickens bothering plants, but I guess they would do this. I remember my grandparents chickens would peck, peck, peck around their yard and who knows maybe some of them found their way into their garden. The only thing that interested me about chickens were the baby chicks - so cute!

    Thanks for sharing your WW pix with all your buds!

    1. We had some chickens for a while when I was a kid but I wasn't fascinated with them then either. We had bought a lot of them out of the blue(that's the way my Dad is; he doesn't start anything gradually. Everything all at once.)My mind then was they were a lot of trouble and with too many roosters you might should pick up a stick. Now with a manageable amount they bring me much joy. Thanks for visiting.

  2. I would love to have chickens, but we aren't allowed to have them here. I wish you the best of luck keeping them out of your plants.

    1. I have come to really love these girls. I must have made them sound like little terrors but they aren't and I enjoy them even with their mischievous nature.

  3. Although still newbies with our chickens we are fortunate that our back yard is fenced in. So the flower beds do not get demolished. So, I see some hostas in there. I despereately need to thin out mine. They are huge. If I motivate myself to do that this weekend do you want some?

    1. Yeah, that would be good. I will put them somewhere else though. I have some already up and some that is starting to spike in this bed. I tried not to be too hasting and plant too much, too close so they have room to keep filling out. I think if I can just keep them out long enough for things to establish I can take the chicken wire down. I had put some ground cover in there the day before I had taken that picture and they scratched it all over the place. New dirt, new bugs I guess they couldn't resist.

  4. My parents have the same problem with their chickens. They have a nice little fenced in living space but somehow those chickens get out and go on a scavenger hunt regularly.

    Getting ready to plant tomatoes in our garden!

    1. I am so ready for tomatoes! This is the chicken wire I had put around the tomatoes last year. It worked for most of the summer but they got very creative on pushing under the wire and flying over it. How can a poor chick resist a big red tomato?