Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Raggedy Bag/Rainy Day Project

Not to come across as a complainer but after three or four days of serious rain I start to get crazy. 
I also must find something to do with all the pinned up nervous energy that's been building up.
This has finally led me to get out of my craft blahs and do something.
After spending too much time on Pinterest 
 the Rag Bag Tutorial from My Desert Cottage
has been pinned to my brain. 
So here's my version of her wonderful bag.

This will not be a tutorial. I commend the organized folks that are able to preform crafts and recipes 
in such orderly fashion but that's not me. 

The night before I was overwhelmed to pull out that big bag of scrap material and start digging.
When I had found material that suited me,
I referred back to My Desert Cottage and started taking a few notes for myself.

I could not have been more pleased than everyone to get to work and school so I could get started.
I was just about to get this project started. 
Everyone must get cleared out since my work area is the kitchen table.

I cut my pieces and laid it all out just as in the tutorial.

This project had the feel of a quilt-in-a-day.
Yes, those are my pockets from an old pair of pants. 
I'm a keeper . I can not just through away, so this is truly raggedy and up cycled bag.
I thought I would have this whipped right out by lunch.
 With a couple of phone calls, a few loads of laundry, the morning pot of coffee all behind me 
I was finished by the time the bus ran.
I did celebrate by cleaning out that smidge of wine hiding in the back of the fridge.
This bag is going to be great the longer it ages and frays. 

I'm so glad you stopped for a visit.
I'm looking out the window at another rainy day.
Thank the Lord in the sun and the rain.


  1. Very cute. I have so many pinterest pins that I never seem to get around to. You should share this tomorrow on the hop!

    Love ya!

    1. OMGosh...I made this one quite large, so I made another one yesterday that I can use on a more regular basis. It's sorta the same but a little different. Maybe I'll throw some pics up of it.

  2. Nice! I think this would have taken me a lot longer to sew than it did you! I would also have celebrated with a smidgen of wine. Thanks for sharing your experience with the tutorial. I will have to slide on over to her website and check it out! Vickie

    1. Thanks so much. "My Desert Cottage" is a great go-to for projects. She does a lovely job.

  3. Love this! A new Linking Party begins THIS Saturday over at and we would love if you would link this up there on Sat! Thanks! Here's the link:

    1. Thank you for the warm comment and the invite.

  4. Cute bag. Thanks for sharing on the HomeAcre Hop. Come back and join us this week: