Thursday, May 16, 2013

UM,um,um,um...What a week?

Happy belated Mother's Day
What a week this is?!
As for me, the week has been full of the wonderful high that Mother's Day bring
also full of those little let downs and screw-ups that help remind me 
that I am but an earthly creature.

Sunday was spent traveling to see my husbands Mama. I am blessed to have my Mama living about 10 minutes away from our home. His on the other hand is a bit further, so we usually visit her on
 Mother's Day. He likes to take her out to a local oriental restaurant that we all enjoy down there. 
We had quite a nice time. 
Monday, I was invited with all the other mothers to come to Jack's school for a
 Mother's Day Breakfast. This was Stuart Elementary second time at hosting this very sweet gesture. 
We were asked to respond to the invitation and also make a $3 donation. 
Besides the joy of spending time with your child the cost provided a breakfast of 
sausage, biscuits and gravy, fried apples and coffee or juice
plus we also got our pictures taken with our child.
If fill sure I received my money's worth. 
Jack also came home on Friday with gifts the class had made.
(these are the things that make a mother's heart leap)

Now on to the rest of the week.
My oldest daughter graduates from the University of Virginia on Saturday!!
Whoop! Whoop!!

I had first thought I really needed to go shopping. I haven't really "dressed" in a while.
Then I ran across some adorable fabric and I thought I'd make a couple of dress.
I already had a pattern in mind; it was one I had made many times. 
I couldn't imagine a problem with that. 
~note to self~
When the old man(husband) takes a long draw off his cigarette and says,
"You're crazy as hell."
you are.
I cut my dresses out, started sewing. The first dress was almost complete. I thought I would try it on to make sure all was good. I thought the most that would be required would be to let out the darts for a little more room in the waist since  I actually wear a smaller size pant than I did a few years ago I was horrified at what happened next.
I got the dress on. It fit in the top just fine and the waist wasn't the problem
 but oh man, 
the seams at the hips were completely pulled. It was awful! 
What now? With a week still full of work an obligation I was not seeing how 
I was getting to town to shop.
The week before my sister had  cleaned out her closet and sent some stuff my way.
(My sister and I never just through things away or even take them off)
The bag was in the corner because I hadn't taken the time to go through it yet. So yesterday in my need to clean up I see the bag that must be gone through. Inside the bag was some really nice slacks and a cute jacket or two but the best item of all was the cutest lavender, floral print dress.
Thanks, Ann..
Just goes to show, 
you should never underestimate hand-me-down(now a days "vintage")
Always know...
Ya' sisters got ya' back!

Oh, I'd better get back to my laundry and such  crank up the beach music..


  1. Congrats to your oldest daughter!
    Mother's Day is fun.
    And LOL at your husband.

    Glad you found a dress from your sis. :)

  2. So glad I could help. I'd been meaning to clear out those things and bring to your for a few months. It just ended up I finally did just in time. Just goes to show you that all things seem to work together like a puzzle sometimes.

    And a big ole congrats to Hannah!!!! Woohoo!!!

    Love ya!

    1. Wahoowa!! to be exact...LOL...