Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Jack

High Rock Lake, Lexington, North Carolina
Jack like to fish...look at that face.
Then all of a sudden everybody likes to fish.
Happy Jack

I thought I must share some pictures from our outstanding Labor Day weekend. 
As  you can see there was a great time to be had hanging out at the lake with family and friends.

Everything has been in quite a whirl since Saturday. 
A very intense rain storm that came in Saturday evening knocking out our phone (completely),
 the washing machine giving up the ghost(disastrous),
and daughters cell phone out of commission(she thought disastrous).
In times like these remind yourself 
All things work together for them that love the Lord.
They truly do!
I'm officially back on track. 
Yesterday, the old man got off work early and came home with a new washing machine.
Today, the telephone company showed up...finally.
various other things have fallen into their place
and I tell ya' the radio has been playing all the right songs.

Ah...thanks for the visit.
Be Blessed 
Be a Blessing!

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