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Monday, September 24, 2012

Antique Fair in Mayodan

Saturday adventures brought me to Farris Park in beautiful Mayodan, North Carolina. The Festival was exclusively antiques. I had set myself a very meager limit for spending so mostly I was looking. Unless of course I saw that item I could not refuse.
There where so many wonderful items. Quilts, kitchenware, toys, trunks, and tobacco tins decorated the day.
So many great items. I could imagine this one in my kitchen.
nice mixing bowls
That's a lot of lard
There was a lot of really special stuff under the tent but one of the vendor
asked me not to take pictures in the tent. I thought that was a shame. After
all isn't a picture worth a thousand words.
Some friends for Jud
We had fun browsing and Sis bought a maddock handle but the day's young.
We're off to Autumn Creek Vineyard.
Come on you'll love it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How I Spent September 3

Hey! I am so glad you decided to drop in for a visit. I have some pictures to share with you of our visit to Larry's Variety Shop and the SUM(Stuart United Methodist) Labor Day Sale. I had lots of fun looking at all the good old stuff folks had brought out to sale. I'm a lover of the rusty and crusty items and baskets; there where plenty of both to enjoy. It is also interesting to see all the different license tags on the cars that travel through Patrick County on this holiday. Many travelers had been to Hillsville, Virginia for their annual Labor Day Sale. Maybe a Labor Day in the future I'll get up their for a visit. You would surely be amazed the way that little town transforms itself into a tag sale. The enthusiasm filters down to our region and turn any road leading to them into a pickers paradise.
We were stopping on the last, rainy day.
I'm so glad there were still vendors set-up.
Oh kids, I hope you didn't wear your good shoes!
It's going to be muddy.
This is just one glass case. This lady had six
tables full of vintage jewelry.
Here's a little something for Alisha,
my Dr. Pepper girl.
I could see these in my flower bed.
Old Scale
Love this color!
Oh my goodness....baskets, baskets, baskets.
Larry's Variety
Larry calls this the porch.
He's said it's barely fit for the yard sale but
I've found some of the best things out here.
I think Jack's found something he likes.
Jack asked if this was a washing machine.
Some items under glass.
A little something for the car fan.
I just showed you a small bit of what's here. If you liked this, there is so much more I have to show you. If you like tag sales. vintage treasures, and antiques then you've only began to see what Patrick County and the surrounding areas have to offer.
                                                     Have a blessed day!



Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the grand finale of the summer. How lucky was I to end up with a long weekend off from work? With Friday and Monday off I should have multitudes of thing accomplished or a weekend packed full of fun but being out of work also means being short on the paycheck. Getting real crazy couldn't be in the plan. The weather has also been gloomy; so it's been more of a lazy weekend. I've spent the down time with the old man(husband) and my two youngest youngens'(children). All the older kids found events to fill up there weekend.

I have a few ideas for today that should be both relaxing and fun. I've got my supper plans already worked out. We had a turkey in the refrigerator that the old man had picked up on a deal so it may seem untimely but the turkey is in the oven. I'm thinking roast turkey, sticky rice, gravy and biscuits. Peach ice cream will finish the meal off just fine. I think if a person has a problem with that meal they probably are way too spoiled. I also wish to make my way over to Larry's to checkout any new old finds he might have. Larry runs a little shop that he fills with items from estate sells and auctions. The shop is my favorite place to browse. I don't always bring something home but I always want to. I'll take the camera with me and share some pictures. There is tons of yard sales around here on Labor Day and also a big sale in the VFW field.

I'm going to get moving. I'm looking forward to the day. I can't wait to share my day with you. Thanks for stopping by and as always I wish you a blessed day.