Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Activate Martinsville Henry County


Good mornin'!!

I just wanted to list a quick link for Activate Martinsville Henry County. Some great pictures of the 5K. I seem to be missing all these great events lately but I want to show my support. I also want to give a big congratulation to the WINNERS.

                 Do you know who the WINNERS are?

The Winners are all those who Go the Race. Some run... some walk....but they finish the race.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Good Morning Monday

Good morning! This is an absolutely beautiful Monday morning. Most people hate Mondays and especially the morning hours but for me it is quite the opposite. My Monday is more like your Sunday morning because my work week start at 11:00 pm tonight. I also get the luxury a very still house once the old man (husband) and kids are at work and on the bus to school. September seems to have arrived in Stuart last night. This morning is a cascade of sun rays, bugs humming, and birds singing and temperatures that dropped into the 50's. Right now it is 8:46 and the temperature is 66 degrees and 75% humidity and it's wonderful!

I have a few things on my mind as this new week begins. Almost a year ago I took a leap of faith and quit the job I had been doing for about twelve years. There was many, many reasons for this life change and I felt sure at that time I made the right decision. I still believe it was necessary at the time but now I'm trying to understand where my direction is next. I left on good terms so more than likely I could get my employment back with them. I'm considering making a visit to talk to my friend in human resources to get a feel for what is going on there. I could right a long and lengthy post about that decision in  itself. Just the thought of going back and talking to them gives me quite a sick feeling.

I have some errands while I'm in town and I am going to stop by my Mama's house. I haven't been over in about two weeks. For me that is a long time we usually get together as a family at Mama's on most Sundays for dinner but I have not visited since my Daddy made some comments that I felt crossed a certain line and to be quite frank made me mad. If I had seen him then I'm sure I would have said things in the most wrong offensive way; so I've been avoiding them. Childish isn't it?? My Aunt Henrietta is visiting with Mama for the month. It would be most unkind of me not to visit and the absence of a visit would make it so obvious that something was  wrong between me and the parents.

With my aunt in for a visit there's a big family get together scheduled for this Saturday. My Mama is one of eleven children. When we get together it's big; we're a big family. I am trying to decide what dishes to bring. I will get picks to share of the meal. There will be so much food you won't believe. I guess big families eat big. Think...think...think...

I have also spent some time reading some really good blogs. I have connected with a blog support which I probably need to connect with often. There are so many things I had never considered about blogging. I have alot to learn. I have become hooked on blogging in a most stumbling kind of way but I love it. I have a problem with feeling alone even though I am almost never physically alone but the blogging community has let me know that there are other people out there that care about so many of the same things I care about. It gives me a warm feeling.

Yesterday I washed the outside of the house down and cleaned the porches off. Boy was it needed! I need to get some new wreathes on my doors. I make most of my own and I try very hard to use the natural things around me. Sometimes they are wonderful and some of the time I wasn't as pleased. Good or bad at least it's a direct extension of me. I'm looking forward to a new look. I am also wanting to buy some more mums. Mine that are planted around bloomed way early this year. There is very little left of them even though I've been deadheading to prolong them. I need more!!

I'm going to pray for God's direction and I hope that you do too. Have a blessed day and thanks visiting Southern Direction.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sharing My Button/Many Thanks to Susan


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I have been on a three day learning experience. I had been told I really needed a button for my blog. First, I had to learn what a button was. I will remind you I am not computer trained I am one of those self taught people when it comes to the computer. I have seen very nice button but this is mine and my first. I feel very satisfied that I accomplished this little feat but not without the help of Susan a fellow blogger. I will definately share her botton and also add her to my favorite blog page.
Thanks Susan!
Your a very good teacher.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts on the Partnership for the Arts 5K

The Partnership for the Arts have a 5K scheduled this Saturday, September 8. I was looking forward to this run. I participated in this event last year and I really enjoyed it. That was the first time I had done any running in quite a long time. I have enjoyed running in the past and it sparked me to run two other events.

Last year I was in the middle of the pack. I felt okay with that since I had done nothing in prepiration.  I had told the other runs I did was about the same. I was alittle ashamed by the next few events because I know better. My job and the kids schedules really throw a wrench in my plans or at lest I use that for my excuse.

This year is looking the same if I get to do the event  at all. I thought this week at least I would go over and walk/run the course. Well our weather has not been cooperative. It has been raining for the past week. I don't mean a little rain I mean pouring. We have had over four inches of rain just over the weekend. I am afraid my job is going to hinder me too. I find it amusing that we have been on short time since May and not worked a Friday in months but I think we are working this Friday. That will not work out for me since the Run starts at 7:00 am and I don't punch out until 7:00am. Go figure!

I'm being hopeful and not ruling it out yet. I'm hoping to be able to share how it all works out. I would love to show you some pictures of the course that has been layed out through the town of Stuart. It is begins at Dehart Park in Stuart, then it follows through a nice neighborhood on Sunset Drive. I will tell you that Sunset Drive is quite the hill. We will then run back up Main Street. Main Street is a good, steep hill. Last we make our way back to the park. The town of Stuart is almost all a hill and that adds to the difficulty of this 5K.

Well maybe it won't be a washout and maybe I'll have some pictures to go along with my post. Thanks for stopping by . Have a blessed Day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How I Spent September 3

Hey! I am so glad you decided to drop in for a visit. I have some pictures to share with you of our visit to Larry's Variety Shop and the SUM(Stuart United Methodist) Labor Day Sale. I had lots of fun looking at all the good old stuff folks had brought out to sale. I'm a lover of the rusty and crusty items and baskets; there where plenty of both to enjoy. It is also interesting to see all the different license tags on the cars that travel through Patrick County on this holiday. Many travelers had been to Hillsville, Virginia for their annual Labor Day Sale. Maybe a Labor Day in the future I'll get up their for a visit. You would surely be amazed the way that little town transforms itself into a tag sale. The enthusiasm filters down to our region and turn any road leading to them into a pickers paradise.
We were stopping on the last, rainy day.
I'm so glad there were still vendors set-up.
Oh kids, I hope you didn't wear your good shoes!
It's going to be muddy.
This is just one glass case. This lady had six
tables full of vintage jewelry.
Here's a little something for Alisha,
my Dr. Pepper girl.
I could see these in my flower bed.
Old Scale
Love this color!
Oh my goodness....baskets, baskets, baskets.
Larry's Variety
Larry calls this the porch.
He's said it's barely fit for the yard sale but
I've found some of the best things out here.
I think Jack's found something he likes.
Jack asked if this was a washing machine.
Some items under glass.
A little something for the car fan.
I just showed you a small bit of what's here. If you liked this, there is so much more I have to show you. If you like tag sales. vintage treasures, and antiques then you've only began to see what Patrick County and the surrounding areas have to offer.
                                                     Have a blessed day!