Friday, August 24, 2012


I  wish I felt like I was in the right place or the right time. I have recently become addicted to blogging. Which has my husband questioning and my children wondering because new age and technology is not what  usually makes me happy. My parents are funny when talking about computers at all. They feel there is something not quite right and possibly a little demonic about them but for me I have come to the conclusion computers and technology is just another type of tool. You know if you need to drive a nail get a hammer but if you need information the internet is the tool. What has become ironic to me is that I myself use this technology to connect with the things of the past, the world before computers ruled, when life was physical, something you could touch. Just today I was ready a blog that really connected with me because I had a similar experience so I was inclined to post a comment and  a word of encouragement but after typing quite a comment I could not get that comment to post. I had to type that crazy word(word that's not a word to prove I'm not a computer but a real person word) but it would not except it. It would not except it several times. At that point, I was feeling like myself; very physical. It's all O.K. I didn't smash or bash anything but I wanted to. I think I might have said some devil words. Now, fully composed I am sure Gd was just reminding me that today is Friday; the sun is shining; and I should be mowing right this minute.

So if your reading the sun shining?...should you be mowing right now?

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