Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Senior Advisory Meeting

Patrick Country High School held their first meeting of 2012 about college preparation, FASFA, and deadlines that must be met. This was not the first time I have attended this annual meeting. I had hoped to get my husband to go along thinking it might help him see some of the rigorous events that will take place. Of course he bailed out on me and Tori. I suppose it is easier to stay in the dark. It also makes it easier to complain about the various things that are going to take place within a few months. It was a real eye opener for Tori too. Before she had come to live with us she had fell way behind in school and lost one grade and was on the verge of losing another. Through hard work and the grace of God, she has caught herself up and is doing quite well but to get this done she has a tremendous load when it comes to school. She has taken on extra classes to graduate on time. I'm praying that she doesn't become overwhelmed. Judging from her face and her heavy breathes, she was feeling stressed.

I am personally grateful for these guidance counselors that Patrick County High School employees. They are very informative and they cover all the gray areas of college preparation. When I graduated from high school there was almost no information given unless you knew the question to ask or the directions you were trying to take. This is probably why our school Patrick County are so successful.

The meeting was totally geared to students but they also touched on areas that I have been trying to work out in my own life. Ms. Lackey, the counsellor showed statistics on income and job retention that definitely affirmed I probably need to further my education. I am a high school graduate but I have no post-graduate  education. In 1989, this wasn't a problem work was plentiful for those willing to do it. That is not the case now. I'm not really convinced it will help me in finding a better job. I also wonder where are all those professional jobs at because they are not in Stuart, Virginia. This is just another thing to pray about.

Thank you for stopping by Southern Direction Blog and thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and concerns. As always have a very blessed day.

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