Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday At Chantilly Farm

What a fun way to spend a Saturday. We loaded up and drove up to Floyd, Virginia to Chantilly Farm. They were putting on there annual car show. The town of Floyd is a wonderful artisan community but it is also deeply steeped in the old southern tradition. I am quite ashamed that I forgot the camera but in the rush of getting out the door I didn't realize I had left it until we were about half way there. Oops.....

The town of Floyd is amazing; main street is full of artisan shops and speciality restaurants. Don't let me leave out the music that bubbles right out from every corner. They had a very nice Farmers Market going on but we didn't have time to stop but it was full of vendors and folks.

We had to keep focused on our destination. Chantilly Farm is on out of town and the drive leads you through the beautiful rolling fields and working farms, tractors, trucks, and various farm equipment. It is makes a country girls heart feel very at home. We passed a white frame church that was simple and quite beautiful, rolled on through a crossroad and we were there. There we found the huge rolling field full of old classic cars, trucks, and tractor. There is a deep love for old cars here in the south and the folks at Chantilly coupled that with a stage with local bluegrass bands, barbecue cookers, sweet pastries, and don't forget the corn hole tournament. My husband tried to not be a total kid as he rummaged through parts hoping to find those special things he needed for his own projects.

With our bellies full and our interests peeked we rolled on back down the winding mountain road to home. It is well worth the gas. I hope to go back to Floyd again with my camera in hand. I'll be sure to share with you. If you get a chance to travel in the southern direction stop by Floyd,Virginia; you'll love it.

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