Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bringing Down the Pines

Our Big Boys
The large pines that loom over our home has been the subject of many prayers, thoughts, and now action. The Ole Man(husband) had a tree service to come out and estimate the cost and plan the removal, yesterday. If weather permits they will be here today to take down two or possibly three.
Yes, I did say take down, not take out.
We're not rich folk.
So to make this project not cost so much we will be handling the getting rid of part.
Any project sends the Ole Man into deep thought, contemplation, and planning....and reiterating to us(Ole Lady and kids) what part we will all play in this.
He's not wrong. This will be a heck of  a lot of work.
You can see our totem pole that stands next to the cars;
he limbed  it two years ago out of fear of the weight. He had strong intention of taking it down then but sometimes our best laid plans go wrong.

From this view of the house, you can see how ominously they lean into the house.

In my heart, I have always dreaded the day the tree would come down. When me and my prior husband bought this home he suggested taking them down but I resisted. This home is always comfortable in the summer. The yard is welcoming and shady and the house is quite cool and comfortable.
We do not live with air conditioning.
I am in hopes that it doesn't change things so drastically.
Most folks that no me, know I don't prefer change.
Sometimes, that is my own demise.

With optimistic heart, I believe this has been a lesson from God to me. Through my own Bible study and prayer and my want/need to be a better gardener, and a video my sister sent me via email last year that I have put off watching until this morning.
Back to Eden
If you watch this video you will first hear the most wonder testimony through gardening but secondly you like me, might fulfill your gardening needs(with prayer and faith) and there will be a purpose for all these trees that are coming down(as long as I can rent/get a chipper).

Do check out the video.
I think you will enjoy it.
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. We just bought a chipper!!!! Don't buy one! If you can rent one for reasonable price no problem, but don't buy one. I am excite for you and nervous all at the same time. Are you taking down the trees long the driveway and along the other side of the yard? They are big enough, that they really do need a professional to do this. I am glad he did not attempt it himself. Yes, the cleaning it up will be a HUGE undertaking, but that will be doable by ya'll albeit time consuming. Then you can use the chip for mulch!!!!!

    1. Oh, I too hope this doesn't change the temperature in the house in the summer, but you still are nesteled amongst quite a bit of trees so hopefully it will not be much of an impact.

    2. Now you know what I was talking