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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

21 days

More wreathes!
I need more... I need more!

I've sorta' put a different twist to an
old idea.
The panels on my little cabinet can be removed 
I slid them out and covered with some
stenciled aluminum foil.
I tried going through some paper I already had but nothing suited me so 
try this..try that..
I just used a very light hand and spray painted the aluminum foil.
I slid my spider plants underneath the cabinet.
All my plants from the porch were moved to the front room where we put our big tree up at;
I've been racking my brain where I was going with them all. 
Here's a start.

More ground cedar along with a few other Christmasy stuff.


There wasn't too much to this one.
Old Chicken Wire rolled into a Christmas Tree shape.
More spray paint.
A simple bow.


I like to pull this little Vintage Box/Purse at
I picked this up at my favorite place to shop
Larry's Variety.

When we opened it up at the register 
it contained  some 
 old ornaments;
Larry said," Awh..just take 'em."

So far, I've never taken them out; I just open the box at Christmas time.

I thank you so much if you've stopped by for a visit.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

22 days

Oh Christmas Countdown is getting confusing.
Yesterday, I started my countdown at 23 days,
just now I heard the announcer on the radio say,
"It's 22 days until Christmas.
I  have gone to the calendar and counted.

Note..I was a blonde child.

Well... getting my Christmas on.....
1. I've been getting my funky junk style on the move.
one old chippy board
one old window sheer
+ old wheel

Add some greenery , 
old chipped ornaments


2. Make a couple of wreathes from ground cedar.

The above link will take you to an old post about finding 
ground cedar & making wreathes.

3. I went through the old junk drawer to find some old canning rings and lids.

I had some that I was looking for the rusty ones I had painted.

I poured some  liguid potpourri into a small glass candle holder,
wrapped some cedar around those
added a small pine cone to carry the fragrance.

I snugged those all around the house.

4. I found an old broke lantern behind the building; 
 You know it..just keep adding...add a little more.

Putting some red berries
a pine cone.

5. Last but not least, I snugged  primitive Santa on the steps.

That's it! 
I'm done for this day.
Where's my cup of coffee!