Monday, September 17, 2012

Bundt Cake Blunders and the Hylton Get Together

Me and my son Louis

My Mama's family gathered together Saturday for food, fun, a little music and a lot of conversation. We always try to come together when Aunt Henrietta visits from Maryland. She has been spending the month with Mama and Daddy. This is always a potluck kind of event; everyone brings a dish or two. After getting the low down on what most everyone was bringing, I decided to bring my pecan bundt cake and chicken and broccoli casserole. I should blame myself for my misfortune because I very rarely will fix my dishes the day before a dinner even if it means I have to set the clock extra early. I was sure there was not going to be a problem with time, after all, I was told that we wouldn't be working on Friday. 
My supervisor calls me Friday evening and asks if I can work Friday night. Of course I didn't think I would have a problem and to get to work a full week I was grateful for. 
I get off on Saturday morning and I thought I would be best to take about a hour nap, I would get up, get my dishes made and be to Mama's. Well of course I was sleeping like a baby and no one in the house thought to give me a nudge. When my feet hit the floor I felt panicked for sure. I mixed my cake,  threw it in the oven, and prepared my casserole. No problem, until it was time to turn the cake out of the pan. 
You already can tell what happened
The cake stuck and most of the top of the cake remained in the pan. It was a awful site. I absolutely did not have time to do anything else. I ranted and raved a little while and figured there was no descent way to bail out of going ; so I toted my casserole and I stopped by to grocery store. 
Yes! I took a store bought cake. 
Am I ashamed??
Well only a little.
The only people that knew about the cake blunder was the ones that road in the car with me and my sister because I told her and quite a few people commented on the casserole. To think I almost didn't go that would have been the shame in it all.

Don't believe anything they tell you. 
They're full of it.
My Daddy
Henrietta, Mama, and the rest of the ladies 
clean-up duty

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