Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fried Chicken Saturday and Pancake Sunday

This has been quite a hap hazard week. I had good intention of visiting Granny's Attic, a local antique and crafter market  right here in Stuart. I thought I would have lots of fun pictures and interesting items to entice you with but with tiring work week and dead camera batteries when I visited Granny's, I am left empty.
I do have a little something to share that may help someone out there who might have suffered from the same inability to cook decent fried chicken. My failures at cooking fried chicken have haunted me through the year. Fried chicken is one of those things that is expected out of every good southern woman. I have done very good baked version that almost would make you think it was fried but it still was not fried chicken.

My latest copy of Everyday Food had an article about top chef Carla Hall. She gave a very complete and uncomplicated recipe and direction to how she cooks good fried chicken. She said it was her granny's recipe and that's was the one for me. The basic problem I've had through the years is not using a lid. That's been all the difference in the world. My chicken came out great and was so close to her picture it was amazing. I wish I had got a picture for you but I'll be honest when telling you, there is none left.

                              And that about tells the story right there...

This Sunday morning the crowds request was pancakes. They have been a usual Sunday morning staple but with the old man(hubby) working almost every Sunday for the past year I've been slack on Sunday breakfast. My pan was out of condition and my stove eye was not level which made it crazy for me. The cakes looked crazy but they tasted fine. We enjoy a good dose of Marty Stewart. Sunday is served well with Marty's album Soul Chapel.

It all goes to show that when things are outta' wack good things are just around the corner. I  thank ya' for stopping by Southern Direction and wish you a truly blessed day.

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