Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hi! I've been looking at so many wonderful decorating ideas for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. So many folks have such really wonderful idea's. I try to incorporate some thing new or fresh each year when I decorate to keep things from looking stale year after year but I also do alot of the same things each year. Many of the ideas I see on line and in the magazines are honestly too much for us. I also do more transitioning with my decorating than just abruptly changing out everything season to season. I prefer sutler changes rather that decorating overhauls. 
                                   Where do you get your most inspiration?
I receive most of my inspiration from nature and outdoors. I always prefer the outdoors and I find myself incorporating it into my home. Bring natural elements inside is my way. I don't do elaborate tablescapes; honestly it just doesn't work well with our family style. I do almost always have a tablecloth and an arrangement of flowers as a centerpiece. I usually have flower bed I can cut from but I like using wildflowers and wild shrubs. It's affordable and it also keeps it unique to me and my surroundings. I think it's a great method of decorating and it's affordable. God gives us so much if we will just open our eyes and look.  
                                     Sometimes things backfire....
I was inspired to start me a blog back in the spring. My yard was looking so promising and I thought I would feel my posts with pictures of flowers from my yard. Then my stepson moved back home with his dog, Oswald. Oswald had lived with us before and as much as I hate to admit brought me alot of grief. I had endured him through the puppy stage, digging, digging, digging. Here he was again but a older matured dog. I thoughts we'd be okay. Then the my son totes home another pup. 
                             You know what followed. More digging...digging...chewing...digging...
What should have been bed of flowers now red dirt and mud. Not even the solar lights survived. 
                                       What to do? What to do?
Decorating for me will be a challenge. Honestly my centerpiece right now is on of Jack's pumpkins he brought home from school. Jonathon has now moved into his place and the dogs went with him. I guess we have next season  to start again. 
                            Does your family get in the way of your decorating wants?
I suppose my decorating could be called transitioning; it also could be called compromising. 
Thanks for letting me ramble on with you...
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  1. Oh my goodness a dog and a beautiful garden are like, the perfect ingredients for heartache all around. =)


    I just wanted to you to know how incredibly sweet it was to have you at An Aloha Affair last week. I hope you'll join me and our team of beautiful bloggers this week for an even bigger affair. I'll save a spot just for you...


  2. Aloha! I found your blog through the Aloha Link Party, and I'm now your new follower :)


  3. I love pinterest for ideas, but I think sometimes we can feel so pressured to have perfect holiday decorations when really, it's the old traditional stuff we really love. My great grandmother gave me these ugly elf dolls and at one point I thought I didn't need them so I gave them away. I wish I hadn't because even though they were seriously creepy, they were Christmas to me because they reminded me of family :) That's what counts!

  4. thanks so much for linking up at an aloha affair this week! so nice to have you. have a really great week-end!