Monday, November 19, 2012

Sleepy Stuart

Picture of Sleepy Stuart,Virginia

The weekend was slow and mostly uneventful for me. We usually meet at my Mama's house on Sundays for dinner and I always take a look over the hill to the town below as I leave each visit so I thought I would grab the camera out of the car and share my view with you.

Although there's many different types of festivals and civic events that go on in Stuart and Patrick Country so many of the times it's just a sleepy little town. Sundays for many in Stuart is revolved around church and family and I think those qualities are the most important assets we have. Sometime I think it could just as well be a little village in the Alps. Sometimes the old man(husband) and I joke that it's like a town in a snow globe  where folks could never imagine there's a whole world outside. 

Around here we're quirky and off beat but mostly we're a congregation of country folk with godly values and strong work ethics. The economic situation has been hard on the little community but we keep searching for a hand hold or foot hold to hoist ourselves up. 

Breaking new...WHEO 1720 am ...Hanes Corporation has won a grant to update their Woolwine plant here in Patrick Country that should lead to at least 50 more jobs. 
Thank you Hanes !
Thanks to those who still believe in our sleepy little town.
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  1. That is such wonderful news about Hanes and the jobs!