Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So Wound up

Oh my goodness, I'm so wound up!
 I work the night shift, so usually after I get the kids off to school and do my animal chores, I get on here and read a few blogs. A little reading and maybe a little posting and I'm ready for the bed.
but not today...

You see I listen to our local AM radio station every morning. If you want to know what's going on that's the only way to find out. There also a mayberry kind of humor I get from it. This morning the announcer was reading through the birthday's and community call-ins when he announced they needed help packing the boxes  for the food bank here in Patrick County. I had helped out one other time a few months ago and it gave me a good feeling to do something for the community. It was a little awkward, mainly because I didn't really know what I was suppose to do.

It didn't take but a moment for someone to point me to a few pallets of cardboard boxes I could be folding. That time everyone volunteering were older folks and retirees. I was partnered up with one of the counties sweet little grandpa's and it was quite enjoyable.
I knew better..if i miss the time set aside for sleeping there won't be any sleeping....
but I couldn't help it something came over me and I was tying my shoes back and running out  the door.
When I got there I saw a few faces that were familiar and a few new faces. I wasn't the only one who heeded the call there was a girl and guy that looked like teenagers (I was wondering if they should have been in school) and one guy was sorta like me, he chuckled and said he had never did this before but he heard they needed some help.(they put him on The ladies on the line squeezed me in. 

I have to say I had such a fun time. The lady on my left was very nice and not too serious and the gentlemen on my right was and absolute mess. He was such a cut-up! His name was Mickey and if he wasn't picking on me, he was razing someone else. I also found humor in watching the faces and reactions of the newbies. There was a lady across the line from me that said she hadn't ever done this before either; she was quite nervous dropping things and just generally out of sorts.
but bless her heart...
By the time we were done she was a pro. We start at 9 o'clock and by 10, 35 people had filled 650 boxes. I think that's pretty good. The man that keeps the ball rolling for the food bank said a short word of thanks and most everyone started ambling out. A few of the men were discussing coming back to sack up the potatoes; a handful of us was left and we couldn't see any reason for them to come back later to do the chore, so about 20 more minute and a pallet of potatoes was divided and sacked.
now you see my problem...
I'm wound up. I've read some of my favorite blogs and I've hopped around on here but I ain't sleepy. Well, it's all good for now but I'm not sure what tonight will be like.
Thanks spending a little your time with me.
Thanks for stopping by Southern Direction.


  1. That's such a great thing to do and very worthy of your time :)

  2. thank you for give g your time to others.