Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day

Hey..and good mornin'  How blessed am I typing on this computer looking out a picture perfect window. GOD has definitely blessed me as well as this wonderful country we live in. I myself am not a veteran and for that  reason I especially want to say Thank you to all of you out there who made that sacrifice for me. I gave a thank you to my Daddy yesterday on the phone it was sorta funny we laughed between ourselves that   I told him I had definitely thought of him although I couldn't really say, "Happy Veterans Day". He sorta laughed and then I told him I was really just saying, "thank you  for what you did."

As a child I was always brought up with a strong appreciation for our country and our military. My Daddy(yes I am 41 and I still call my father, Daddy) is a Vietnam veteran and we were fortunate that he was able to talk about the things he saw and his experiences. He wanted us to understand what it was about and what really was going on. After all he was there. A lot of veterans can't talk about it and rightly so. But this year I really have thought about it deeper because I'm now a mother of a son who has joined the military. My son Louis will graduate from high school this year but he made the commitment to join last year and completed his Basic Training over the summer. 

In my mind, I always knew he would probably join the military in some fashion but as a mother I wished for him to first go to college, you know see to his best interest then maybe pursue the military. Yes, I am a selfish mother. Yes,I also understand the importance. At age 16 my Daddy was in the army and shortly into it he was in the 82nd Airborne and in Vietnam. Wow..16! Sixteen is a kid. Sixteen is still mama's boy. My son is a  little past sixteen and I pray he never has to become a veteran. I could write to you the things I've come to know about so many veterans in my own family; my uncles in Korea or maybe Louis's Great Grandfather and his seven brothers all in WWII, all had been Prisoners of War.

 Basically I want you to respect our service men and women in the service no matter what you believe. Basically I want you to know it was the sacrifice these men and women make that allows you to believe
whatever you desire no matter how wrong or right you may be. 
                                            Oh how many have gave the ultimate sacrifice!
I wish you to remember Veterans Day for what it really stands for not just a cookout or a party or a day out of work. Not just an excuse the decorate. Remember!! Remember what it means to so many.

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