Thursday, October 4, 2012

Youthful America

Are you excited with the new election up and coming? 
Are you doing alot of worrying over what's going on in our government?
In our country?

It is so easy to let the negatives drowned the positives. I'm not making a ranting post of what I want out of my government or my candidates and I'm not really asking for your rants. I do welcome your views. If you'd like to share them feel
to send them to me.
That FREE part is the best part. I know we have problems with illegal immigration but you ought to have strong since of pride when so many risk their life just to be on our soil. 

I do wish that every child could begin their day with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. So did you pray with your child this morning and did you say the pledge with them. You are still free to do so.

The homeless and the hungry break my heart and we do have a problem with so many losing their homes. If  fate should leave me abandoned of home I would still prefer our street over any others.

It's scary at the way our countries youth are the prey for drugs, sex and violence but they are not all lost. As a matter of fact I see more evidence in youth these days than I do in alot of us old folks that freedom is still rings. Need some evidence check out this link

Are you worried about terror attacks and our very homes being invaded? Oh yes. Me too. 
What if we decided to talk to our neighbors again? What if instead of arguing over things of nonsense we offered up some true respect for each other. What if we cared about the ones who live right next door to us? What if they needed bread would you break yours with them?

What is America to me?
simply said...
Faith in God,
 freedom from oppression.
p.s. freedom or oppression resides in the soul.

Be Blessed!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rainy Day Tuesday

Oh yes, one more rainy day.
......for He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and the good,
sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
Matthew 5:45

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fried Chicken Saturday and Pancake Sunday

This has been quite a hap hazard week. I had good intention of visiting Granny's Attic, a local antique and crafter market  right here in Stuart. I thought I would have lots of fun pictures and interesting items to entice you with but with tiring work week and dead camera batteries when I visited Granny's, I am left empty.
I do have a little something to share that may help someone out there who might have suffered from the same inability to cook decent fried chicken. My failures at cooking fried chicken have haunted me through the year. Fried chicken is one of those things that is expected out of every good southern woman. I have done very good baked version that almost would make you think it was fried but it still was not fried chicken.

My latest copy of Everyday Food had an article about top chef Carla Hall. She gave a very complete and uncomplicated recipe and direction to how she cooks good fried chicken. She said it was her granny's recipe and that's was the one for me. The basic problem I've had through the years is not using a lid. That's been all the difference in the world. My chicken came out great and was so close to her picture it was amazing. I wish I had got a picture for you but I'll be honest when telling you, there is none left.

                              And that about tells the story right there...

This Sunday morning the crowds request was pancakes. They have been a usual Sunday morning staple but with the old man(hubby) working almost every Sunday for the past year I've been slack on Sunday breakfast. My pan was out of condition and my stove eye was not level which made it crazy for me. The cakes looked crazy but they tasted fine. We enjoy a good dose of Marty Stewart. Sunday is served well with Marty's album Soul Chapel.

It all goes to show that when things are outta' wack good things are just around the corner. I  thank ya' for stopping by Southern Direction and wish you a truly blessed day.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Creek Vineyard

What beauty surrounds this hidden treasure. Autumn Creek Vineyard is nestled in between woodland and tobacco farms. I'm becoming surprised at the vineyards that are popping up all through our region. It's a wonderful transformation with big tobacco on the way out, the grapevines are glad to fill that void.

We're getting ready to check out the tasting room. We're already hearing some fairly laid back music.That's the best way I would describe our experience, comfort and class.

Beautiful wood, huge stone fireplace, soft leather furniture, picture window, and absolutely, good wine, surely that's enough to get your attention. Even the ladies room is above expectation, not only is it supplied with fancy soaps, lotion, an apple crate full of toilet tissue, they even thought to have complementary hairspray. I'm impressed!We chose a $9.00 tasting that was waived after we purchased a bottle.                               I'm not sure that is policy but it was a nice complement.
There is a wedding schedule today around 5:00. We're going to enjoy ourselves quietly and be on our way. The decorations and setting will definitely be a note for me and my sis considering we both have children that might be nearing wonderful bliss.
I think the girls in the wedding party are gathering under the umbrellas.
We decided to take a walk about.
Did I say..blessed?!
There's more places to sit and sip.
Here comes a beautiful, young girl in a white wedding dress and cowgirl boots.
She's not nearly a redneck but I think we'll take one good
and get out of here.
I've been blessed.
Here's a link.
I hope you are blessed too.

Antique Fair in Mayodan

Saturday adventures brought me to Farris Park in beautiful Mayodan, North Carolina. The Festival was exclusively antiques. I had set myself a very meager limit for spending so mostly I was looking. Unless of course I saw that item I could not refuse.
There where so many wonderful items. Quilts, kitchenware, toys, trunks, and tobacco tins decorated the day.
So many great items. I could imagine this one in my kitchen.
nice mixing bowls
That's a lot of lard
There was a lot of really special stuff under the tent but one of the vendor
asked me not to take pictures in the tent. I thought that was a shame. After
all isn't a picture worth a thousand words.
Some friends for Jud
We had fun browsing and Sis bought a maddock handle but the day's young.
We're off to Autumn Creek Vineyard.
Come on you'll love it.