Friday, September 27, 2013

The Clymb

I'm going to share this quick link to The Clymb.

Some folks have heard of Clymb and others will be like me until my oldest daughter in college recommended I check it out. She has always been an outdoors loving athletic type she found it when she had gotten into rock climbing and had been searching for some good climbing shoes. 

At my first look, I thought this stuff is way over my head.
I like to run and I do like to do some hiking and although I have not really done yoga, I do enjoy palettes
and someday I might take them up on some of their wonderful travel packages.
Take a look! 
 I will promise you, good deals await. 


  1. I doubt that I will do any climbing since I am afraid of heights. I do like to hike though and yoga is my fave exercise routine.

    1. I didn't think there would be anything for me at first but I have gotten several good deals on really high ended stuff. There's always good name brand jackets and coat, hoodies. I got my 16 yr old some really good rainboots and me a pair of good all weather type boots for $24. It doesn't cost anything to look.