Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Joining the Seed of the Month Club

Last Friday, I joined The Seed of the Month Club. 
                                         Seeds of the Month Club
It wasn't expensive so I told myself it wasn't an overly compulsive thing to do. 
I questioned myself as to why I would join a seed club just as planting season is
basically over. You avid gardeners out there no that there is plenty of time for planting 
a late summer/fall garden. 
Am I an avid gardener?
but I dream that I could be.
Take a look at what showed up Monday!
I'm impressed with the quick shipping!
Maybe, I'll keep momentum going and with a little luck
(no green thumb here)
I'll be sharing pictures of some veggies in a few weeks.

The fact remains that we have no topsoil that is worth anything.
I've tried composting and different other things to build it up so I try to not get overly 
excited because it leaves me overly depressed many times with the outcome.
The old man talks about bringing in loads of dirt, making raised beds, etc., etc.....
but that means he will have to take a much bigger role in the gardening.
(he likes to do it in spurts)

Some of the seeds that arrived are quite familiar and some I have never heard of.
That makes it exciting. 
New veggies mean new recipes!
Worst case...we could eat flowers...
Thanks for stopping by for a visit!
Be a Blessing!


  1. I how exciting! I have been pondering the seed of the month club too, but have been hesitant. I can't wait to hear more about your experience with their service as well as their seeds. Unfortunately, I do think the only way ya'll are going to be able to have a good garden is with raised beds. The ole man would really just need to be involved in the construction and dirt loads. After that, I think you could handle it.

    Love that pic of you at the bottom!

    1. I'm going to tell you in my next post how Kelly, you, better seeds and God's perfect timing, I'm being lead to be a better gardener.

    2. p.s. Jack was my photographer...what do you thank of that..I didn't even have any foundation on..

    3. Oh, I can't wait! And Jack did an awesome job! I am amazed. As for the makeup, you don't need it anyway.

  2. Lynn,

    Your garden already looks so rich and healthy and colourful! Best of luck with the new seeds! I hope you get wonderful results!


    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I did put the greens in the ground yesterday. I've gone about things in an unconventional way, at least for me, so I'm praying for good(some) results.