Saturday, September 28, 2013

Putting on the Fall Decor with Hydrangeas and Denim

It was time for an update on my wreathes around the house 
along with some floral pick-me-up around inside, too.

By now if you have been stopping by for a visit with me and my decorating style you have found out that I am anything but conventional. 
My philosophy is 
Do the best you can with watcha' got!
This was actually a wreathe I had made a quite a few months ago. It had browned and aged out to a wonderful golden color and had also became a home for a little family of wrens but the wrens have flown on and my big white hydrangea at the corner of the yard was showing her signs of the 
autumn season.
 I will tell you as much as I love spring and summer blooms I'm just crazy for flowers and such, as they turn their golden hues of brown, so you'll see alot of that if you ever visit my home. 

I basically broke off  blooms of hydrangea with enough stem to stick or weave into my existing wreath. 
When I was satisfied with the size and look, I took a pair of discarded blue jeans and cut about 4  strips about  2" wide and as long as the leg on the pants,
Tied the ends of the denim into a square not and wrapped my wreathe.

I also remade the smaller ones 
on the side and back doors.

LOL...this ones a little more
 whopped  and lopsided.

If you're careful you can work your 
knots to the front. I think it gives it 
a neat look.

I didn't put the denim on this on.
The boys were getting hungry 
a pizza run it is.

Yes, that is a Christmas tree hanger.
I have other hangers I just like 
You know...Christmas is never really 
out of style.

My Mama would most always cut some of her beauties to place on the kitchen table
my Grandma Dorothy always kept a
 tablecloth (always plastic) on her kitchen table
a hybrid I am.
My eye always want to see flowers and a tablecloth
atop my table.
Of course, not a vinyl or plastic one.
I bought this one on clearance several years ago
and you can see it was too large but some 
knots on the corners and it's a fit.

When I start and arrangement, I put my scissors in my pocket and
 I just build my bouquet in my hand.
I bring them inside snip my  off the ends at an angle,
place them in a container with water and sugar.
I like to add things that ramble a little like this morning glory.
Some height in the middle is always looks good.
I used some low hanging branches for the dogwood;
you can see a berry has fallen off. 
I sort of like that...a few petals sometimes look nice.

a little something for the coffee table

My favorite arrangement came when two country boys took time out from their
Bowie knife, bow and arrow, and rabbit trap making.

Just to bring me a hand full of blooms.
Am I blessed today?
Thank you for stopping by!
Be Blessed!


  1. Wonderful work.

  2. I never seem to get around to changing my decor except at Christmas. I love to see your ever changing.

    1. I don't change for each holiday as much as I change as the seasons change. It's fun looking at all the fall decor on-line but it's a little early for me to look at pumpkins right now. Usually, I start the pumpkin thing close to Halloween and sort of roll that through Thanksgiving until Christmas. Now-a-days everybody changes their decor because the stores are putting it out so early to gain those sales. Blaa...I'm almost tired of the hole thing already just because that's all I seem to be