Monday, September 30, 2013

Haunting Folk Tunes~Monday Moves Me

Monday Music Moves Me!
Last Monday of the month means it's a freebie!

Looking boldly into October with all the spookiness that it ushers in I thought I'd share a stranger side of bluegrass; those folk ballads that make the hair upon your arm stand on up and the chills run down your neck.
I'm no sure if it's the simplicity in the music or the fact that so many of these songs are just true stories put to music.

I'm starting my musical mix with Bringing Home Mary
I heard this one Saturday morning. I listen to bluegrass most Sunday mornings as I'm cooking breakfast and when this one came on I thought what an eerie song to go with eggs and grits.

This next song isn't a bluegrass version but it surely is eerie
Ballad of the Harp Weaver

This next song proves itself to be haunting and morbid  
Poor Ellen Smith

No one voice musters up that chilling feeling like Ralph Stanley.
Many of you will recognize this song from Old Brother Where Art Thou
but this is a older version a little more simple,Oh, Death.

Tom Dooley is one of those bluegrass songs
 that most everyone has heard of so many toes are tapped too 
but I find it to be another sad ballad.
The Lawson Family Murder is a haunting story 
that actually happened just a few miles down the road
and oddly enough is a regional favorite.

The next song is not so murderous but is quite a ghostly tale as people claim today 
to see those Brown Mountain Lights.

Lefty Frizzell sings about the woman in the Long Black Veil.

Down In the Willow Garden performed by The Lonesome River Band

If you're still here and can't take anymore of these gruesome song
you'd like to hear some old-time Ghost Tellin'
Thank for Dropping by.


  1. Blue Grass is not my favorite of the musical genre. However, it certainly has its place in history and so often told the tales of truth. Having said that, I am lovin' your haunting music today.
    Thanks for playing.
    ~Naila Moon

    1. LOL...this is probably the awfullest post I've ever done. I wish I had stopped

  2. I quite enjoyed them country isn't a big genre over here :-)

    Have a spookytastic week :-)

  3. I like bluegrass but can only listen to so much of it. Dooley is one of my faves, too. I first heard it on The Andy Griffith Show with The Darling's singing it. I loved the ghost story of the "Wog"(?). That was wickedly cool.

    1. I think everybody knows Dooley from the Any Griffith show. Mt. Airy, NC is Andy Griffith's hometown; it's about 20 minutes away. There's always a lot of Mayberry love around these parts.

  4. Every now and then I do listen to some blue grass. Just because it's different. Some are really funny too.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list of tunes!

    I think I might hear more of these this coming month as my inlaws visit :)

    1. LOL That's funny. Have a great one Colette.

  5. I raised on blue grass. My grandfolks sang in church and they had that twangy blue grass sound. I use to hate it, but any more I have a sweet fondness of it because it reminds me of them. Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew!

    1. I guess I have always loved it but I don't love all of it. Many people do like to hear this old eerie song; I guess it's the same way some people like a horror movie. I like it a little on the happier side but I thought these would have that halloweenie feel.