Saturday, October 12, 2013

Candy Corn Bottle Display

Welcome Autumn!
Welcome autumn with a simple Arrangement of found bottles.

I thought I may as well make something 
out of this mess.

I've cleaned up my bottles and gathered my supplies
a bowl of inspiration.
I didn't do any taping when I spray painted my bottles.
First, I painted the middle section orange.
I painted the top of the bottle white.
A light hand when painting and the uneven spray made a more
appealing look.
 Placed on a plate with a candle and a piece of raffia.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my DIY.

Be a Blessing! 


  1. Very cute idea, Lynn! And I see that you have a wood range too. What kind is it, and from what year, do you know? Is it enamel? We love ours, and actually fire it up in the winter if it gets to minus 40 degrees just as auxiliary heat for our other wood burner.

    Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

    1. Oh! you got me smilin' girl...I knew I liked you more than just your beautiful pictures. I love my woodstove. It is a Rome Eagle Lady and it is enamel. I wish I was educated in them enough to know the year but I don't. I do fire it up! I've thought about firing it up already but it would surely run everybody out of the house. I wish everyone had one just for emergency sake. I think my love of wood cookstoves came from my Grandma: she had one which is still in her home where my Mama still lives. Grandma would fire hers up...daily. She wasn't quite sure about that electric It could be 80 degrees and she would fire that stove up.

      It's hard to beat a pot of beans, soup, eggs, cornbread...heck everything tastes better off that stove. Thank you, Judy for making me smile.