Saturday, October 5, 2013

Making M&M White Chocolate Bark & Pumpkin Planter

M&M White Chocolate Bark

Hi, I thought I'd pop on here and share what I had been up to.
I whipped these quick projects out yesterday. Friday is my day to get my yard work done and this is also my weekend to work but I wanted to do something special for the kids.
My M&M White Chocolate Bark is the go to if you' only have a pinch of time or you have that last minute bake sale. 

One bag of M&M White Candy Corn
Two bags of white chocolate morsels
One baking sheet covered with wax paper

Melt your morsels in the microwave according to instruction,
then, Stir in your M&M's.
Spread your mixture in a thin layer on you baking sheet.
I put mine in the freezer to harden quicker.
Once the mixture is hardened break it into different shaped pieces.

Pretzels crushed would be a great add in. If you're like me and for got them just put the pretzels in the serving bowl with your bark it look and they'll get ate right along with the barks.
                                                         Sweet & Salty!

It  was sort of Monkey-See-Monkey-Do
I'd been seeing all the $1 Jack-o-lanterns turned into planters
I had to make me one too!

I started with one of those $1 pumpkin heads.
I chose a blue one
I really don't know why.

A couple of markdown mums.
I'm going to use one for this project
I want to add my barrel with the 
orange mum. 
I think he needs a friend.

I hung my pumpkin head on a limb at the edge of the yard.
I got busy with the spray paint; first,white.
I so cheated this when I seen some
poison ivy( I hate it) that had turn the most awesome red.
I stuck pieces of the ivy on the face and sort of stuck held it in place with the paint itself.
My next colors was some green, then orange and a bit of silver.
Very lightly!
Don't use a heavy hand.

I was out of burlap so I used a piece of leftover brown clothe that I singed just a bit .
Stuffed the material and my mum in my planter.
Don't forget to pop off that black plastic handle.
An old piece of wire or an old rusty bucket handle could be fixed in it's place.
 Thanks for stopping by.
Be a Blessing!


  1. What a great way to use M & M's! Thank you for linking up this week at Sewlicious Home Decor! :)


  2. I just love those M&M's!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


    1. Thanks you Debbie. I hope your week is started in a wonderful direction.