Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Eve~Our Pumpkins Carved an Our Marshmallows Eaten

Last night was no-hands-down,my most enjoyable Fall Fun; 
No big menu, no parties, no guest.
I do enjoy the yummy treats and our wild Monster Mash was super-fantastic, 
and I do love company.
We hand not been able to carve our pumpkins yet. My daughters schedule can be quite full between all the cheerleading and band competitions that consume her almost daily and we couldn't carve our pumpkins without her.
So, we've been waiting. I've been stalling and Jack was becoming very impatient.
We also had a big bag of large marshmallows that I promised we would roast in the cabinet.
Finally, everyone was accounted for and the carving was on!
By the time we were done there was nothing left but pulp.
As a matter of fact in the morning light there is pulp everywhere.
(maybe not everywhere it is surely hanging around)
There's something about that gooey pumpkin pulp that gets the giggles going.
The Ole Man(husband) came in from work and he seemed more than just entertained by all the goings on. He has a hardy laugh that would compare to Errol Flynn that will
 steal my heart every time.

The kids carved the pumpkins and placed them with Fred the Scarecrow.
They made good company.
We placed some of those $.97 solar lights inside.
They gave off a very warm glow.

I want to wish a safe and enjoyable evening 
to everyone as they hit the streets 
on their Trick-or-Treat Adventures.

Thanks for stopping by.

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