Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Workplace Accident and Looking for Relief

Hey! How you doing today?
Me? Not so good.
 I'm nursing myself after I had a bit of a fall off  of a ladder at work last night. Nothing was to blame for the accident other than me forgetting I was standing on the ladder and maybe the fact that we were just covered up in work.
Having such an accident leaves me feeling very foolish. I'm not typically a careless person or someone often gets really hurt. I did feel fortunate that no one actually saw me with my feet tangled up in the ladder and my head bouncing of the concrete. 
Once I figured out my neck wasn't broke and I wasn't bleeding anywhere I was able to get back to my machines and worked my shift on through
you know how those things go. 
After getting home, the egg has popped up on my head, the purple and poned up bruise on my leg almost feels hot, and my neck is so tight I couldn't even really dose off.
I know what you're thinking...enough with the wining. 

My reason for writing this post isn't as much about giving you this elaborate description of my wounds but I thought I'd share with you my go to when I ache.
Absorbine Jr.
 It's really good relief for muscle ache, 
like tight shoulders from raking or calves from running. 
I'm a little surprised when I have recommended it others because a lot of people
have never heard of it.
Absorbine Jr. was one of those things that Mama and Daddy
 always had in the bathroom cabinet, so I do too.

I started by rubbing it on my neck and it gave me that quick cooling feeling 
so...I thought I'm going to rub it on my bruised leg and it felt better 
so..I rubbed it on the knot on my head
 and by the time I'd checked my Email I felt much better.

If you have a nagging ache, you might want to give this product a try.
This is by no means an advertisement.
I just thought it might do somebody some good.

It does have a strong odor but if that bothers you more than your ache
you're probably not hurting that bad anyway.

Be Blessed! 


  1. Lynn! I hope you are feeling better and resting!! Thank goodness it wasn't too serious! :))


    1. Thanks you, I'm feeling a bit better this morning. I was afraid it would be the other way around.

  2. I'm so glad you are ok!! I'll have to look for that product next time I need it. Hope you feel much better soon!

    1. Thank you Claire. I almost deleted this post because it sound too winy but I sometimes I have suggested this product to someone and they look at me crazy not knowing what I'm talking about but it's a little surprising how well this stuff works. It isn't expensive either, a go-to.

  3. Oh no! I read this last night on my phone and couldn't get the comments to work. Stupid phone. I was too lazy to log on to the computer. I'm glad it wasn't worse, but that sounds bad. It is good stuff though. I canNOT believe people have never heard of it.

    1. Oh my goodness, I'm not too sore in my neck today thank the good Lord(I really mean that too) but it hurts to brush my hair (good thing I'm doing the curly-hair do) and I dug a skirt out because I didn't want to put pants on. My leg is sore and really that ugly..real ugly. But all-in-all I'm alright.

    2. Sounds awful! But glad it wasn't worse. Love ya!

  4. Sorry to hear about your fall at work! Glad the Absorbine Jr. gives you some relief. I use Tiger Balm for tight muscles, but it has a very strong odor too. Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. The boardwalk is made of green-treat lumber and it has weathered of course. It's not slick when wet, at least this isn't. The remainder of our walkway is concrete 'flagstones' laid in a pattern. We had to make a walkway that went all the way to the driveway, because in the springtime the ground gets soggy and our shoes would get soaked. Now we don't have that problem. (of course, there are always other problems that pop up to take its place. LOL)

    Hope you're feeling good as new very soon!

    1. I have a hodgepodge of stuff going on with our walk-way. There was a regular old existing concrete that didn't go all the way to the driveway; I think years of rain and mud has covered the rest of it up I'm not sure but it's under there deep, I also had put stepping stones to keep from walking in the mud. I sort of worked it out not to badly but we have been take down our humongous pine trees and now everything is a bust. I think this and then I think that..Maybe next year we'll turn this mess into something fit but right now..ugh..
      And thank you I am feeling much better; still bruised up pretty good, but better.