Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Full Moon On The Rise

There's no doubt the full moon is on the rise!!
The dog has gone crazy; the computer seems to be going crazy,
apparently our school system is going crazy!

I haven't been reporting my weather since the 12th of the month but today by the gauge at my house we are basking in fairly warm sun and 63 degree temperatures. Now, mind you they are calling for a 30 percent chance of snow tonight but the only thing in my sites are blue skies and feathery clouds. makes sense that the schools closing at 2...

So what's new with you?

In my original post I was going to tell you how the kids and I have been enjoying yogurt & granola and how I was attempting to get back to health and vigor 
 it's all been a bust to day.

I haven't made a weight lose goal but I'm quite aware I've been setting on my backside more than I've been staying busy and  eating like a crazy person. The first of the year, I joined a 30 day challenge and sadly I only managed to even care until day 2.  Honestly, I know me and should have known myself better than to join such a thing. 

I'm sure by now folks know, I'm not one to jumping on anybodies bandwagon I quickly get annoyed with what I call bullcrap. 
At least the first 4 days of the challenge was to right your goals & priorities over and over in different arrangements.
I don't know what's wrong with me and why such stuff annoys me but it does.

Does that mean I'm a quitter?
Well..yes if it just a stupid challenge
that doesn't mean I'm giving up on what I want.
It just means I'm giving up on what doesn't work for me.
If a challenge will work for you, by all means I think you should do it.
It's just not my style.

What I'm going to try to do is get back to the things that I use to do and try to find valid advice
 along the way. 
I am also going to remind myself of the things that work for me.
Many times the guru advice out there is completely opposite from what works for me. I'm not quite sure why and judging from so many of my friends that go on so many different health crazes, they really don't work for them, either.

What inspired me to quit the 30 day challenge?
I was getting ready to read my Email for my assignment of the day when those little ads and videos that run along caught my attention, The first clip was an interview with a guy I had never heard of before but the result that where being boasted made me click. The trainers name was 
Michael Olajide Jr.; the workout secret and miracle producer was jumping rope. I thought to myself  I'd rather jump a rope anyday than set here writing and rewriting these goals everyday. I even like to jump rope. I don't think I have jumped rope since the girls were small but I'm confident I can. It also reminded me to just cut the crap and get back to basics.

As soon as the very short video clip played it was followed up by another clip that was already playing. The guest speaker was nutritionist Elisa Zied. I'd never heard of her and I was going to click the little X until she stated her age. She is 84 years old and she looks better than many 20 year olds. 

I couldn't help but listen then. I was in amazement! 
I was then amazed at her common sense and was so glad to hear it was basically a discussion of good nutrition and truth verses fiction along with facts about nutrition being taken out of context.

More common sense!

Here is Elisa Zied's 5 item mini list of foods all women
(provided their physician has advised against) should eat:
1. Popcorn
2. Potatoes
3. Whole grain cereals
4. Nuts (1 ounce)
5. Eggs (approximately 7 a week)

These are some of my favorite things to eat but along the way I haven't been lately..hmm...

I have never put a lot of extreme thought into weight. I am a short woman and even when I know I was at my physical peak I have always been heavier by the "standard." but I did weigh myself and look up my BMI according to National Institutes of Health. I also took a few measurements.
  • I usually won't discuss such things but for accountability sake I'm going to share my present stats and what I feel will be a healthy satisfactory goal. I my share the changes I'm implementing along the way to accomplish those goals. This week it's just been eating yogurt and whole grain cereal. 

I haven't developed a complete plan just yet.
My Stats:
Weight--132 lb.
Hips--38 1/2"

My Goal:
Weight--122 lb.
Are you on a health journey, too?
If so, Good Luck.


  1. I'm not sure how I missed this, but I jsut saw it today. How is this going? I must do something! I like the short list of foods. :)

    1. Well..not much in the way of my effort and not much in the way of change. It seems like no one has been on any real system since the know me..I need to have a routine of sorts...supper is whatever..the Ol' Man likes supper and I do too. I attempted to exercise the week I posted this but work sorta' kicked my butt so I fell-off the workout real quick but I have honestly been getting a workout in each day this week. I hope I stick with it. I don't find that any of the food/diets every, EVER, work for me only working out. I be glad for the weather to really break, maybe I can get back to running. the way..idk how accurate my BMI even was. I stepped on the scale last week at the doffing station... wanted to say, "It's a lie! It's a lie" but I'm sure the scales in the bathroom are

    2. Yeah, I stepped on the scale at home Monday and it wasn't pretty. I was in shock. I must do something. I usually walk 30 mins on my lunch break at least 3 or 4 times a week, but that doesn't do anything. Diets sometimes help me, but I can't sustain them so I go right back to where I was after. I agree working out is the only thing that really helps me (except smoking lol). Maybe I should start that again? NOT! I have only worked out twice this year and that was last week. :(

    3. I've been sticking to the workout solid; I usually will see no change for 2 weeks. I've been turning up Jack White and doing a warm-up, a heck of a lot of lunges and crunches, following with a good stretch at the end. I will say I have felt better even though I haven't seen results yet. It even seemed I have had better endurance to make it through the night at work regardless of the sleep or lack of sleep..

    4. Well that's good. Those are results....just probably not the ones you were looking for.

    5. lol...taking whatever I can get..