Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hey! Where's my fortune?

Here I am on the 12th day of the Long Range Forecast. 
Are you wondering how much truth will end up in this Folklore Forecast?, too.
I'm a little relieved that I'll only be held to the end of the month for making a post about the weather. It has been some extreme colds for the first of January and I was hoping for a little more weather action(snow). I thought it would make for a little more interest and at least some better pictures but I guess you could say we've been blessed in not receiving the harsh weather that so many folks have dredged through the past week.

In my mind, I thought I would have came up with some wonderful post to end this up with....
The Ole Man bought Chinese food for him and the kids last night since I had to work. There's almost always the leftover fortune cookies (they don't love 'em) so after walking around in the sun outside looking for anything picture worthy and not finding anything; everything is fairly brown. I thought to crack open one of the fortune cookies.
Maybe I would be inspired.
The first cookie stated,"Be yourself and you'll feel at home anywhere." 
It didn't inspire me.
I opened the second cookie and there was no fortune.
I guess I'll have to leave it at that and just give you my forecast.

If everything wasn't brown you'd think it was an early Spring Day! Temperature is reading at 61 and the sun and air has a very warm feel.
If you've been following the Long Range Forecast,
Thank you.



  1. We are barely breaking freezing (32 F) but it is 50 degree rise from last week.
    For the first time in its history a local ski hill closed due to temperatures.
    We made it through. As you say, so many other places had it worse. And we should count our blessings the rest of this winter. It's only another 3 or 4 months. ;)

    1. Oh my word..I had heard a lot of folks have had some terrible time and that's crazy about them closing a ski hill because of the cold but the temperatures like that are dangerous to even be out. I hope your staying warm; just remember to keep your nose under the covers..
      Thanks for the visit...Do Be Blessed!