Monday, January 6, 2014

BRrr..Baby It's Cold Outside~the Long Range Forecast

Just like an AM radio station here I am to give you my daily weather conditions.
Do you need me to tell you what it is right now?
Well, if you do it's cold and windy but not the coldest yet...
We started out this morning with a drizzle of rain and temperatures reading 43.3 degrees at 7am.
At 2:30pm, it is now 41 degrees clear skies and windy and windy
They are telling my the worst is yet to come and right now I feel fortunate when seeing the pictures of the folks west of us.

My Dad is a truckdriver by trade. For those who are not familiar with freezing conditions and diesel fuel, I want to give a quick word of warning.
Diesel fuel will gel, if the temperture is below freezing.
It will often do things to other mechanical things just because of the mere cold.
Take Caution.
Know your situation.

Stay warm 


  1. It is winter in the truest sense. I have to admit I love cold weather but I know it can cause problems! I hope you and your family stay toasty and warm tonight.

    1. Thanks Claire, I wish the same for you and yours.