Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Fabric on the Piano Bench

Finally, finally attacking what had become
 a catch-all. To recover our piano bench 
had been on my to-do list for quite some time.

Our little Currier Piano is not an expensive or high end instrument but the joys this little piano has brought to me have been unmeasurable. It was really shameful that I'd let myself neglect it so.

I am not a pianist but like so many, I had taken lessons as a child. My three older children had taken lessons and there has been many little fingers touch these keys. My daughter, Hannah had become quite good at playing even though she'd look over her shoulder and roll her eyes when I would rave over a piece she had decided to practice on. My son, Louis desired to play the drums; our deal was a year on the piano and we would consider did end up winning that battle. He played the piano a year and then wanted to tackle the guitar instead. Alisha was small but she took just a few lessons before some of the logistics changed and we fell off from taken the lessons but she, so typical to younger children picked up a lot from just being around the older two and using their books.

I'm doubtful playing the piano crosses Hannah and Louis' mind these days unless they are in for a visit then they will all seem to find their way gathered up plunking, playing and giggling a bit.

As for myself, I have gone as much as a year and not have even touched the keys but I have found myself using it many time as a stress relief.
It's funny how the pages of the old Broadman Hymnal will fall right open to those pages that are most dearly loved.
There's been many times when the worries of the day could be washed away with a sit at the piano, a sweet hymn, a tear and a prayer.
I'll promise you it works much better than most peoples pills.

With all that being said, there our piano sat a catch-all, keys stuck and out of tune.
Bench shredded.

It's high time to gather some supplies.
This shouldn't be so bad.
Oh my...that's alot of staples..
Don't forget to tighten the legs up while you've got a wrench in hand.
Yes, I used just as many staples as was there before & some glue.
Alisha and I decided we wanted it padded well, so it seemed a little lumpier and I really, really had to pull on that fabric. The fabric didn't seem to have any stretch in it until I went to working with it.
I mean you better give it a real good pull and tighten it up.
It was a good idea to tape up the hymnal. It was loosing it's precious pages.
When all was done I was satisfied and feeling blessed.
I hope you'll tackle your projects with vigor as well


  1. Such sweet memories...:) Your bench turned out beautifully and the fabric is perfect! I love these types of projects and have recovered many a chair and even a foot stool in my home. Such a quick and easy project that makes a big impact...:) Have a blessed week.....Vicky

    1. I was pleased with the way the bench turned out and it did stir up wonderful memories. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is off to a wonderful start.