Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sanity Is Now~Dishes~the Forecast

Oh yes, this is officially the first day of normality since the Christmas break 
the first day my house has remained straight and my dishes have remained done.
Yes, yes, everyone is in school or at work.

I have had an extremely satisfying morning. Today, was big band day on my AM radio station. Not to boot, if you didn't know any better you would think it Spring outside. The temperature is reading around 65 degree and the sun is mostly shining.
Will it last?
I doubt it
it beats the last couple of days.
Tonight they are calling for the temperatures to be a little cooler with a 50/50 chance of sleet and rain.

Did you stop by and wonder what that set of dishes is all about in the pic above?
Along with my gardening book the Ole Man also gave me a new set of dishes. When he's bad, he's bad but when he's good he's very good. I hadn't mentioned lusting after dishes lately so when he acts as if he reads my mind I think...maybe so.
The set of dishware is from Pfaltzgraff. 
They are the Napoli  design.
I love 'em!
We had been using a White Stoneware set from Mainstay(dinner plates 10 1/4") for several years, now. They have been good ones and I got them on an extremely good deal but through the years and many teenagers, much of the bowl were gone and I had been wanting some more.
 White is good and nice much of the time but I love the colors and 

the hand-painted design this set has and the yellows play off my yellow kitchen very nicely.
They are also very substantial.
So substantial that I almost had a big problem.
The dinner plate is 12 inches.
I made a special place in my cabinets for the new dishes only to find 
The cabinet door wouldn't shut! what?
Rearrange, rearrange..until they are now in the far corner of the cabinet. 
There will probably be more to the cabinet tale but right now they are in, doors shut.

In case you hadn't figure yet, sometimes I'm a little too save-y. We hadn't eaten on these dishes until last night. What good is it to save everything? we broke them out and had a really nice supper on them; roast turkey, dressing, macaroni.
I know you did not want that recipe
if you are a little on the frugal side you know that turkey is on sale at a lot of grocers right now 
we'll get more than one fine meal out of that bird.

It's not Tuesday but I have rambled on so I'm just ending it right now
wishing you 


  1. Beautiful new set of dishes, Lynn! Love the pattern and colour! Enjoy!


  2. I love your new dishes! The color is so bright and cheerful. A thoughtful gift indeed.

    1. I think yellow does make for a cheerful kitchen and cheerful dishes as well.

  3. Oh...I love your new dishes! What a sweet hubby you have...:) The colors are so cheerful! Have a blessed day. Vicky

    1. Thanks you Vicky. He can be very sweet..when he wants do feel blessed. Thanks for stopping by.